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Gold Mask Facial Mask For Skin Care 100GM

Gold Mask Facial Mask For Skin Care 100GM

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Shelf life: 3 years

Net content: 100g

Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place

Applicable skin types: normal, oily, sensitive, combination



Deep cleaning and nourishing: This facial mask can clean deep dark circles, remove excess oil from the skin, and make the skin fresh and moisturized.

Brighten skin color: This golden facial mask can brighten skin, reduce and prevent wrinkles, minimize pores, tighten skin, and improve skin elasticity.

Natural ingredients: Adopting various natural plant ingredients, gentle and non irritating.

Applicable to all skin types: whether you are oily, dry or mixed skin, you can rely on Tear Up moisturizing facial mask cream to nourish and quickly moisturize! 



1. It is recommended to use toner or rose water as a primer before applying

2. Apply the mask cream evenly on the face, and form a natural film in about half an hour

3. After drying, remove the film from the edges

4. After tearing off the film, wash your face with clean water for basic skin care.

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