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Mini USB Fan For Micro USB Android Mobiles

Mini USB Fan For Micro USB Android Mobiles

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Product features: This series of products uses silent miniature high-speed motor, quiet, strong wind, good texture; mini fan, small size, strong wind; as long as you have a mobile phone, mobile power, notebook, iPad, desktop computers, canbring you a breeze, cool summer.Portable and convenient, safe and stable, it is a good assistant for cooling in sum- mer. The fan blade and the body are made of environmentally friendly TPE rubber material, even if the hand is accidentally touched, it will not be scratched.It is a good option for cus- tomized gifts,, promotional gifts, exhibition gifts; also suitable for printing LOGO.


The connection between the Micro Android connector and the Type-C connector requires the OTG function to be turned on, and some mobile phone manufacturers have blocked the OTG function. The diagram is as fol- lows: [Settings Intelligent Assistant More OTG Open] on the mobile phone.

If there is no OTG function, this product does not support the operation of a small fan.

If there is no space of 0.10cm in the fan blades and bearings, the fan blades will not be able to rotate, and the small fan will be turned off.

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