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High-Pressure Water Gun Nozzle

High-Pressure Water Gun Nozzle

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Color: black

Tip material: copper plated

Frame material: aluminum alloy/plastics

Size: 16.8*2.4cm/16.4*2.4cm

Water pressure: tap water pressure

Scope of application: car washing, floor washing, watering


  1. Suitable for 1/2" water pipe link, fastened with wire hose or wire, waterproof gasket, tight connection, no leakage.
  2. rubber coated handle ensures the best experience when using our high-pressure hose nozzle, not only comfortable to hold, but also non-slip, friendly design so that hands will not feel fatigue even after long hours of use.
  3. Rotate the top adjustment valve, you can adjust three different water shape, can meet a variety of cleaning needs, can clean the road, vehicles, cleaning pets, plant watering, etc.
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